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Yahoo!Horoscope Year 2009 Overview: Taurus

It's time to celebrate yourself, Taurus! You are pouring yourself into your life's mission and rejuvenating yourself with abundant thinking, which attracts great things to you. You're diligently creating a public arena where opportunities will emerge for you to be a teacher or messenger. Engagements for speaking, writing and sharing your thoughts will open up. Other people will be inspired by your enthusiasm and insight, and will support you in accomplishing your goals.

Taurus's excitement radiates more than ever this year, bringing with it a magnificent energy the world has been lacking. As you embrace the power of your heart and spirit, you are allowing yourself to transform and align with a universal energy source. You discover the space for your creativity to flow and abundantly bring the truth of your being into the world. Your focus on your connection with a higher purpose brings out the best in you and refines your self-expression.

You appreciate all the expansive shifts that are taking place in your life, and you are learning to break up routines and old patterns of rigidity. This allows you a new level of awareness and acceptance of your ultimate purpose. Pay attention to what has heart and meaning. Express your truth and you will advance. You will find avenues to bring your talents and belief systems to philanthropic endeavors. By the end of the year, you will be able to slow down a bit and find more time to enjoy the new you that you have created.

Is that on the money or what? Indeed. I applied to a Master's degree in Education at Valparaiso University, and am in the process of writing the bios, CVs, and essays needed to finish the application process. I have to admit, I don't believe for an instant that I will not get into the program.

The program is called LEAPs: Lutheran Education Alliance with Parochial Schools. The coursework of the program is crammed into 2 summers, while over the school years I will work as an apprentice teacher in parochial schools around the Chicago-land area. After 2 years, I will have my M.Ed., and will be eligible to apply for my teaching license. I always knew that someday I would work as an educator, but felt that I needed to gain some real world experience. After three years of Cultural Resource Management (archaeology), and some attempts at a career in art, I feel I am ready to make the transition with my life. Granted, what attracted my attention to the program was the price tag: Free. The University will provide me a stipend, but in exchange for the degree I will be volunteering to teach at parochial schools. The University is a private, Lutheran institution, and this program is one way that they give back to the community.

I have loved religion ever since I was introduced to it as a child. Although I have fallen away from Christianity, my experiences with my childhood Lutheran church and my 3 years as a student at a Catholic parochial school were wonderful. I learned so much, and developed a rich, fulfilling understanding of faith and service. Even though I now regard myself as a neo-pagan and a witch, I still want to serve. I have sought ordainment, worked with local neo-pagan groups, and have done my best to keep society as pluralistic and respectful as possible. I still wish that there was some kind of monastic chapter of neo-paganism: an exclusive community focused on the attainment of spiritual goals that would work for the greater good of the neo-pagan community at large. It stems from the years that I hoped I might become a Roman Catholic Priest. Lacking this, I find that the LEAPs program will offer a monastic aspect where I can develop my relationship with the divine.

Part of the program is living with my fellow volunteer teachers in tight communities. The University keeps us in a special dorm over the summer, than provides us with cheap housing over the school year. The housing tends to be abandoned parsonages, homes for priests or convents and monasteries. I will have to work with my fellow tenants to keep the house in good repair, cook, clean, and in all other ways tend to the LEAPs community. We will work as a support team for one another to deal through our difficulties we'll face as teachers in underprivileged schools. I'M SO EXCITED!!!

There will be times that I'm sure to face some difficulty though. Although the school claims to be open to different religions, I am under the impression that if I actually state that I am neo-pagan, there will be a respectable back-lash. As a neo-pagan, I have little issue adapting my spirituality to openly embracing Jesus' name in prayer, or abiding my the social laws that will embrace me into the community. I am an anthropologist after all, an ethnographer trained to work in communities that are not socially my own. Furthermore, this community used to be one that I was a member of. No doubt there will be days in the coming year where I will have to keep quiet, though (take it as a vow of silence), and will want to express my interpretation of my spiritual growth to a community that understands what it is like looking on either side of the veil. I really hope that I can rely on the Goddess.com community. This place, and the people here, have been so important to me and my spiritual development. We have had to fight so hard to keep on our own path, and stay with the community. Goddess.com has come around, and I hope to use it to my full advantage.

(p.s. Thanks Webby)

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