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Hello WG and Necrono and whomever else!
In response to the ^ good sir, who asked about the prefix "wicked" -
Well, i've been very active on another forum where that word has become a part of my identity after getting tacked on to the name i built there. this evolved from the name i changed my blog to after i felt i'd grown out of "auracle", which was "soundofwicked" [a play on my notion that music (as in Sound Of Music) and silence (as in Sound Of Silence) and wicked are all words/concepts just pretty much synonymous with Universe]
Wicked is a giant part of my vocabulary and also a word i see a lot of in my life [i have run across a phenomenon of wicked women, typically intelligent, sensitive and kinda messed up ladies who tend to have a propensity to use the word "wicked" a lot themselves] and it's one i relate to personally in the everlasting lesson that i am not in fact evil or inherently bad, and indeed nobody is...i'm just perhaps a bit chummy with the mysterious, and inclined to be wicked! and perhaps still at heart something of a witch ;)

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Comment by wickedauracle on January 27, 2009 at 1:08am
I've ducked into Chat a couple of times - always at silly o'clock, though! I'll catch you yet... (you wascally wabbits)


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