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So at my weekly "book club" I did a meditation with the group where you see your Spirit Symbol, I have that in my previous blog. Later tonight, I took another meditation by myself. I made a bath and added some Elemental Water bath salts. I had some nice chant music in the background.

I went into my meditation.

I'm walking down a well-worn path. I come to a bridge that goes over a small river. Below me on the bridge is a box filled with jars. Inside the jars is everything that I've been bothered by and dealing with. I pick up the jars and drop them into the river below. I watch each jar float away into the distance, and then disappear out of sight.

I continue off the bridge, down the path, until I reach a circle of small stones. I step inside the circle and sit down. I summon Earth energy to come up and Sky energy to come down into me and fill me. I am charged and filled with white and golden light.

After I am charged, I step out of the circle and continue walking on the path. The path leads me to an opening along a tree line. I walk in and I am surrounded by your typical central Illinois tree and brush. I walk on into the woods. As I walk deeper in, the trees and environment begin to transform. The trees grow taller and thicker. They become very Ancient and the leaves of the trees create a canopy that almost blocks out the light.

I look around as I walk deeper into the now forest. I see different creatures running behind the trees. I see a mixture of animals and Faerie. I hear voices and noises.

I abruptly come to a clearing. In the center of the clearing is a huge bonfire. There is no one around the fire. I go to the fire and lay down next to it. In the meditation, I fall asleep next to the fire.

I suddenly awake to a noise. I sit up. I am in shock with what I see. Directly infront of me, a bright-blue dragon is staring me down. All I can think to say is, "Hey." The dragon introduces itself. Turns out it is a She and her name is Ignora.

I asked her if she was my Spirit Dragon and she said yes. Then she asked me to climb on her back. I did so and she took off, going up through the tree tops. She flew me over the trees and showed me the entire land. It was beautiful.

I felt my time coming to an end and I quickly thanked Ignora for showing me everything and showing herself to me. She took me back to the fire. I quickly went back through my walk. I watched in the forest transform back into it's normal self. I walked backward on the path out of the woods, through the stone circle, and then back over the bridge.

I opened my eyes and breathed the freshest breath I ever felt. I am so happy to have met my Spirit Dragon. I can't wait to learn more from her.

In peace and love,

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Comment by Johnji on January 5, 2009 at 12:52am

This was the closet thing to Ignora that I could find on the Internet...isn't she beautiful?
Comment by Johnji on January 5, 2009 at 12:56am

And here is my Spirit Symbol that given to me. If you've know anything about it or seen it somewhere before, let me know.


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