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This past Beltane my best friend got married during an ADF (druid fellowship) ritual. The overall ritual was nice. The previous ADF ritual I had attended with them was really moving. This one: not quite so much. Energy was concentrated, the cauldron dressed, the maypole danced and bound, and offerings were made to the Daghda and his mistress Boan. At some point during the ritual the happy couple disappeared into the woods to exchange vows in private.

That hurt a little, I'll admit. I figured that I'd be able to at least witness the vows. I did not get to throw him a bachelor party, and then could not see the exchange between them. There was no great change, no ceremony, no formality. He left, and came back, and was supposed to be a modified person, but really was just the same. I understand it was what they wanted. It just seemed small, and a little empty. I have come to accept that they are married, but this ritual left me feeling more like she is now his wife and less that he is her husband. I wonder if her side of the family is left with a similar regard for him?

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