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I love winter. It's my favourite season, well when there is snow at least. There is nothing better than staring at the snow and watching it glitter in sunlight, except watching it in moonlight. When it falls and the ice crystals form amazing shapes, thick puffy snowflakes blanket the ground....

Thinking about it perhaps I enjoy the snow because I love to ski....alpine skiing is a need for me, away of relaxing and enjoying the world around me. You can go to a different place when you're on a chairlift making your way to the top of the mountain, because everywhere you look are beautiful clouds the Rockies, trees. Lost in the amazing scenery you forget for a minute and you're in a resort set for mass tourism, but that one moment is enough. It gives you a sense of peace, a deep sense of respect for the earth and the land around you.
Of course there are other things that make snow and winter awesome...like the hot springs after skiing or a hot tub after ice climbing, a Baileys and coffee by the fireplace while watching snowfall. Tobogganing, building snowmen....or snow people....or snow things...snowball fights.

Recently I did some cross country skiing. It was quite the work out. I consider myself an intermediate alpine skier, but in set of cross countries I'm ridiculously clumsy. I took pictures and will post it up for you to see. The day was perfect. It was -35, not much wind. Ice crystals clung to everything, and the wind carried snow off of the river. But the waste treatment plant across the river sent a disgusting smell every now and then, which was a bit of a letdown.

I am now distracted, and that easily happens so I'll leave you with my thoughts on winter and its glories ^^

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