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Passed Praxis / LEAPs, here I come!

To get into the Lutheran Education Alliance with Parochial Schools Masters in Education and teaching licensing program I had to pass the Praxis Pre-Professional Skills Test. I took the test this passed monday over a 4.5 hour period. It was broken into 3 parts, reading, writing, and arithmetic, of which my reading and arithmetic scores were immediately available:

Reading: 184/190 - I needed 176 to pass.
Arithmetic: 176/190 - I needed 175 to pass.

AH! *sigh of relief* I passed the math part by 1 point! I was so afraid. I wish that I was better at math, but I traded those skills in a long time ago for my art talent. I spent all weekend on these complicated math problems trying to refresh the little bit of math I could remember. Then the test didn't end up being so bad. I think I could have finished all of the questions had I had more time. I am not worried about my writing score in the least.

So, since the test scores will automatically be sent to the university, all I have to do is send in my undergrad transcript, which I already have, and an essay, which I have already written. I think I am guaranteed to get into the program. Oh, so excited, and so relieved!

*Sings the "I passed my math test" song*

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