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My Natal Chart - taken from my other blog.

I worked on this bit of horoscopy a few years ago, and posted it on another blog. I thought it would be a good idea to add it here. I was very moody afterward because of its precise description of my romantic quarrels.

Alright, lets take a better look at this sucker:

(A quick lesson in horoscopy. This is my natal chart. The circle represents the way the stars turn in the sky. Imagine for a moment that you were standing in the middle of the circle, facing south. The horizontal divide of the circle is the same as the Earth's horizon, so everything in the top half was in the sky when I was born. As the stars rise in the east (left) and set in the west (right), so the stars turn clockwise around the circle. The sky is divided into 12 sections called houses, each 30°, and measured against the 12 zodiac constellations, also given rule over 30° in the sky. A trick of perspective makes it look like the planets, sun, and moon move across the sky. Their location against the backdrop of constellations is believed to effect us in different ways. This is a map of the stars at the time of my birth, an indicator of what my life will be like.)

My Sun is in Taurus (which is why I am a Taurus) and in the 8th house
My Moon is in Moon is in Aires and the 7th house
My Mercury is in Gemini and the 9th house
My Venus is in Aires and the 7th house
My Mars is in Libra and the 12th house
My Jupiter is in Scopio and the 1st house
My Saturn is in Libra and the 1st house

We don't always include the outer planets, but...

My Uranus is in Sagittarius and the 2nd house
My Neptune is in Sagittarius and the 3rd house
My Pluto is in Libra and the 1st house

My ascendant (the sign on the eastern horizon when I was born) is Libra - which means I come off as a Libra in first impressions: friendly.

We all know I'm a Taurus (whoo hoo), so lets look at the rest of this:
When the Sun is in the 8th house I am philosophical, and have deep insight. I strive for self-improvement. I'll likely benefit from an inheritance or through marrying money. I'll likely be famous right before, or after death. You take pride in responsibility. "Bad point: may suffer the early loss of father."

With my Moon is in Aires I am energetic, enterprising, optimistic, open to change and idealistic. I'm also impulsive, opinionated, domineering, impatient, and vain. It results in a nervous temperament, high-strung disposition. Sense impressions of the world are swift and instantaneous, which makes me sure of my opinions, and don't like to be questioned. Can be impatient. Charming and vivacious, I can get what I want, and am fond of talking about a wide range of subjects. I have a short attentions pan. The long hard necessity of really performing often causes me to fall short of my goal; but I can pick myself up. Great party person, gives unselfishly. However, if slighted or unappreciated I will sulk, pout, and complain. I view life as a chase. I resist restraint in relationships. I demand freedom, but will not give it. I insist on being the center of my lover's attention. If an affair dwindles into ordinariness, I quickly grow dissatisfied and restless. With my moon in the 7th house Relationship security is important to me. I'll likely marry a parental figure, and my spouse will be protective of me. I'll likely be popular. I'm a responsive and sensual in marriage, but my relationships are apt to change, and I might get divorced.

With Mercury in Gemini, I have a quicksilver duality to my mind, and it is hard to pin me down. I tend to change opinions quickly based on the latest news. I often hold down more than one job or have several projects. I am quick, versatile, interested in the world at large, and live on a mental plane. I know a little about everything, and a lot about nothing; but I am clever enought to conceal this (I guess not :-p). I also lack "stick-to-itiveness". I'll make a wonderful debater, have lots of friends, and infectious humor. With Mercury in the 9th house I am alert, adaptable, quick to establish a report with new people. I am curious, and will travel a lot during my middle years. I'm inclined to be meddlesome and make promises too easily.

With Venus in Aires I fall in love at first sight and never thinks once before following the dictates of my heart. I am strongly sensual, and feel complete when emotionally involved. Physical appearance is important to me, but to sustain an affair I must also find mental compatibility. I am turned off by sloppy appearance, and loud, vulgar behavior. I am demonstrative and enthusiastic. I like to bring unexpected gifts to people I love. I am a curious miz of sentimentality and aggressiveness. I am demanding and selfish. Other should not expect me to settle down into calm domestic peace; I am too restless and flirtatious, too enamoured of amour. With Venus in the 7th house I look for fulfillment in marriage and partnerships. I am affectionate, romantic, and popular with the ladies. I'll likely gain prestige and finances through a mate. I tend to marry early and often. I am a natural peacemaker. I resent others not making the first move on me.

With Mars is in Libra I fluctuate. I am impulsive and sensuous in my sex drive. I spend a long time forming emotional relationships, yet I have a languid attitude toward sex and often must be sought after rather than be the aggressor. I am idealistic, aesthetic (crudeness turns me off), prefer liaisons with cultivated, sophisticated lovers, but tend to become involved in unhappy sex relationships. This position is excellent for unique artistic talent. My actions are always preceded by careful weighing of pros and cons. With Mars in the 12th house I keep my deep and vehement feelings secret from the world. I have strong intuitive powers that can be used to my advantage in relationships. My sexual nature is intense but repressed. I have an active imagination, and am threatened by secret enemies.

With Jupiter in Scopio I tend to be successful in artistic work. I excel at ferreting out hidden information. I'd make a great psychiatrist, researcher, politician, or government agent. Luck comes to me through my strong attraction to women. I'm shrewd in money matters, may have luck choosing lucrative investments, or my benefit from an inheritance. With Jupiter in the 1st house I have a buoyant, cheerful, social, optimistic, and generous disposition that tends to inspire confidence. I'm lucky. I'm also self-indulgent, gullible, with a marked tendency to gain weight. I'm sometimes faithless in love.

With Saturn in Libra I have good judgement and instinct. There may be a divorce before I find happiness with a mate. Sometimes an early love affair turns out to be the love of your life, but ends in loss. The desire to share and be close to another person my be suppressed, and often results in loneliness. This is an excellent position for success in public life, and for a strong showing in artistic pursuit. I'll only get into trouble if I do what I ought not to be doing. With Saturn in the 1st house I am persistent and have lots of self-discipline. I am patient, and a bit shy, feel nervous but keep it under tight self-control, and I want my talents and work to be recognized. I'm industrious, have good endurance, and am responsible. I'm also stubborn, afraid of new beginnings, and secretive.

The issue with the outer planets is that they were not discovered until long after the effects of the other planets had been investigated. They were named in an attempt to match the other planets, and astrologers have used those names to determine their influence. This is different from war occurring around the same time that a certain star was in the sky, therefore that must be the star of Mars, the war god. I'll add their information anyway.

With Uranus in Sagittarius I am independent, rebellious against overly organized structure. At times I am restless and quite reckless. I am proud and courageous, and often have an unconventional point of view. I promote financial luck. I happen to have lots of unexpected opportunities. I am endowed with prophetic vision and insight. With Uranus in the 2nd house I have unexpected and unusual sources of income. I am inventive, resourceful, and have an unusual eye for value. I am prone to sudden loss, erratic money dealings, and financial problems with friends.

With Neptune in Sagittarius, Astrologers put great store in people born in my generation. I have a fine intellect, high purpose, humane natures, and are predicted to bring philosophers, sages, and humanistic leaders. There is hope to help the 3rd world, and expand the understanding of human nature. With Neptune in the 3rd house my mind is impressionable and imaginative, and I may have psychic feelings about other people. I have a deep need to learn, and am attracted to the occult. I like to daydream and fantasize. I'm idealistic, intuitive, and artistic, but discontent, have confusing dealings with relatives, and may undervalue my own capacity.

With Pluto in Libra I seek justice, balance, harmony, and cooperation. With Pluto in the 1st house I have an intense and magnetic personality, seek adventure, have learned to be self-sufficient when I was young and inclined to be a loner, have great strength, and am relentless in pursuing my goal. I'm also inscrutable, vindictive, and ruthless.

... ain't that the truth!

There is also the matter of some planets opposite one another, or near one another on the chart that can effect their influence.

Sun opposes Moon - Inner conflicts, insecure, contradictory, over-sensitive.
Sun aligns Mars - Creative, assertive, enterprising, high energy levels.
Sun opposes Saturn - Disappointment and obstacles, must overcome hindrances and feelings of inadequacy
Sun opposes Uranus - rash, erratic, nervous, possible separation in marriage
Sun opposes Neptune - Powerfully artistic, vagueness of mind, unbalanced emotions, psychic ability.
Moon aligns Mercury - I can become shrewd, a witty talker, and an entertaining personality.
Moon conjoins Venus - Friendly, tranquil, a love of luxury, and an artistic eye
Moon opposes Saturn - Shy, lacks self-confidence, money problems, trouble through first marriage
Mercury aligns Venus - I can be cheerful, lighthearted, and artistic
Mercury opposes Jupiter - I can be skeptical, judge poorly, indiscreet, and open to scandal
Mercury aligns Saturn - I'm disciplined, well organized mind, have good concentration, am serious and practical.
Mercury aligns Pluto - I'm versatile, flexible, restless, prone to change mind
Venus opposes Saturn - Disappointment or incompatibility in marriage and love. Tends toward solitary, lonely existence. Marriage may be delayed.
Venus opposes Uranus - Too much unconventionality in relationships; imbalanced sensuality, poor choice of lovers
Venus aligns Neptune - Heightened creativity, interest in mysticism, powerful artistic potential, but needs direction.
Venus opposes Pluto - Reversals in love, attachments broke. Strong sexual feelings, but sex relationship cause difficulty.
Mars aligns Jupiter - Strong willpower, optimistic, inspires confidence, good leadership ability
Mars aligns Uranus - Practical, intellectual, energetic, resourceful, decisive
Mars opposes Neptune - Prone to negative escapism in alcohol (Hello, archaeology!), oversensitive, wastes energy in hopeless causes
Jupiter aligns Uranus - Original, leader, magnetic personality, humanitarian outlook
Jupiter conjoins Pluto - Can break with the past and start anew, tends to be domineering
Saturn opposes Uranus - Autocrat, arrogant, prone to anxiety and depression
Saturn Conjoins Pluto - unpredictable, deals well with disappointment
Neptune aligns Pluto - occult traits are positively used

The focal point of my chart is narrow span between Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in my first house (the one that rules my personality), in opposition to the narrow span between the Moon and Venus in my 7th house (the house of love).

Basically, for all of my joy, power, and ability to grow, I am unable to sustain love.

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Comment by Timiko R. Long on January 18, 2009 at 2:17pm
i like how you broke that down, but im in need of help.lol


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