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Dear gals and gents

                I have known our goddess since I was a child and she has guided me and pulled me out of countless predicaments and dangers, I cannot begin to recount them all.... I was a young fool and have time and time again put myself in stupid situations and she has rescued me. I thought I was one of a few who knew her and was truly glad to have found this website.

          To continue my story as I mentioned earlier I have been stupid on countless occasions and just as usual I somehow started to doubt her power eventhough she has saved my stupid ass many many times. I started to become a Cristian and kind of slowly forgot her[dumb or what].

     Well the amazing thing is that she still did not abandon me but tried to show me signs that I wasn't on the right path.After a lot of troubles in my life I realized that I had abandoned our goddess and had suddenly found myself in situations that I could not extricate myself from any more.

    Am now back and on the right path and my problems are slowly going away.

     what I have learned from all this is that our Lady is not spiteful , she just patiently waits till we see the light. One really strange thing I observed is that ever since I really gave her up a lot of crows came to hang out around my house and it used to really creep me out, Am not a superstitious person but the birds really bugged me out. The day I decided to repent and follow our lady was the last day I saw any crows near my house.

     One of the gifts she has given me is the gift of soothsaying and divining and now I have decided to give this service to all members in this site as a sort of penance for my stupidity...........please feel free to write to me........

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Comment by Necrono on January 7, 2014 at 9:51am

I don't think exploring Christianity was dumb.  Our spirituality explores all sorts of institutions and beliefs to discover something our (souls) are longing after.  The big question:  Did you discover anything powerful while on that path?


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