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My Husband, His Girlfriend, Her Husband and His Girlfriend (who happens to be exfiancee' to one of my roommates.)

Husband: Together since 02/11/1996, married since 12/28/2002, separated since 11/15/08

Its a hilarious story....
3 months ago I thought I was (mostly) happily married.
There were some argments, but no more than any of our other friends' couples.

The weekend of October 19th we (my husband, his best friend, and myself) went to Peoria for a 1 day class.

My husband's best friend and her husband (my best friend) were fighting over the phone that day, as he stayed out all night hanging out with friends since we were gone and he didnt like staying by himself, but had to work on Saturday so couldn't come along... he missed work.

Sunday night we got home, and put in a movie to watch, and at 11pm my best friend came over, and said he had to talk to my husband, and he wouldn't answer my questions as to what was wrong.

Monday 10/20/08 at 10am, I got a call from my husband saying he was leaving work to go visit her, (his best friend) because she and her husband had decided to separate the night before. I was rather shocked, but said ok, and that I would see him after work.

After work, he said that they (our best friends) had been discussing for over a week about separating, and everyone had decided not to tell me, 6 people in total knowing. I had several times in the past have been very angry about being excluded from conversations that effected the group, so I was a little on the pissed side that this had been going on for over a week and everyone had been lying to me or excluding me.

Monday nights we usually (when it was on) went to another friends house to watch Heroes together, so we met up with that friend before goign to their house at Taco Bell, and while my husband was in the bathroom, they tried to find out what i knew, and I replied with I didn't know much about it, but that he had spent most of the working day over at her house because she and my Best friend had separated. Then I got a VERY confusing "Oh your nicer than I would be, I wouldn't be OK with that. and then talking about my best friend and another friend of ours (My MAA's ex-fiancee') and how he didn't blame them but he also think that they didn't handle things great" Which REALLY confused me, and I burst out with "OK I know next to nothing about this, and you are talking to me as if I know it all", since I was getting pissed that it seemed HE had known about it all week too (and really was more on the fringes of the group, and this was my husbands best friend and my best friend and I knew jack shit).

After Heroes (which the separated couple didn't show up to - Kinda understandable) me and my husband went home, talking about the show and the odd plot twists that had occurred, and how everyones interactions had changed over the season to where no one seemed the same. Then when we were home, we started talking about the separation, and what all was talked about over at her house while I was at work. I got caught up on a lot but not all of the last weeks conversation... and he said that what they discussed while he was over there was helping her think through contingency plans (which he is good at, so that made sense). So asked what some of them were, and one of them included "if I left him" that they would become a couple. Which kinda floored me, we had had some troubles over the last 3 years, but we had been going to counseling and I thought we were fairly much doing great, I had gotten over my insecurities of him spending too much time with his best friend, and had even made sure to get to know her better so we could ALL hang out together (like that weekend, and the weekend beforehand) and even taking a pottery class with her. So I looked at him and said "Well that one we dont have to worry about because I am not leaving you." at which point he replied "Then I have some decisions to make." We went to bed at that point.

I woke up the next morning and cut my hair, the amount that looked like 3 years worth of growth (the amount of time he had been telling me that they were just friends and I was overreacting to them spending so much time together). About half way through that time, Shawn woke up and came in to see what was taking me so long in the bathroom. So with foot and a half sections of hair in the trash can, I went and got dressed.

When we got home from work that day, he told me he was leaving me for her. I stayed living with him a while, although ended up having a nervous breakdown type thing after a text conversation with my "best friend" where he told me that they had all decided that if they didn't think it was for the best they wouldn't have done it, and since I was the only one not getting to be with the person I loved that it was an acceptable loss... and that God wanted them all to be together. Then told me that him and his new girlfriend had loved each other 18 months, and that my husband and his new girlfriend had loved each other for 3 years, and that I should just be happy for them while losing my husband who (I had loved for 12 years) was not going to (let himself) be happy being with me.

My husband decided that mid November would be the best for me to move out, as he wanted to get the house ready for his girlfriend to move in... so I moved into an apartment in a (not great but known) apartment complex that a lot of my friends through the years have lived at. I got ahold of my MAA (Man-At-Arms in amtgard) and another amtgarder that had been planning on moving in together for a while and we all moved in.

So There is My Husband, His Girlfriend, Her Husband, His Girlfriend who happend to be my roommate's ex financee.

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