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Dear mystics, wisemen, and star gazers,

Tomorrow morning, the moon will be going through two different stages.

At 5:23am, the moon will be Void of Course. If you don't know already, void of course means that the moon is not in any particular sign. During this time, it is recommend that you do not make any decisions, do any work, or do anything that will effect your future life to come. Refrain from any magical work you may do, because it will either not work at all or come out in a way that you did not expect to happen.

At 11:25am the moon will come out of void of course and enter into Aries. It will remain in this sign until sunday afternoon. During this period of time, it will be best for starting things and following through with decisions you have previously made. You must be on your guard during this phase because things will occur rapidly. Have no fear however because those things will quickly pass by as quickly as they came. Also during this time, people will tend to be argumentative and assertive, so try to avoid any confrontations that you might come up against.

Friday is ruled by the Goddess Venus. This is a day of love, friendship, reconciliation, and beauty. During this particular Aries moon phase, I recommend that you go ahead and ask out that special someone you may have been thinking about. Give in to the day dreams you have recently had about him or her and let your inabitions go. Do not fear any possible rejection you receive from this person because your rejected emotions will pass very quickly and you'll be onto the next plan or idea. To enduce the emotions of the day around you, I recommend wearing colors such as white, pink, rose, coral, or especially purple.

Saturday is ruled by the God Saturn. This is a day of longevity, endings, and home. Since the Aries moon phase continues through Saturday, I recommend following through with any medical or health issues that you've been putting off or just thinking about doing. If there is anyone that you live with or have family members who are putting off a visit to the doctor, try to convince them to follow through today (this includes yourself as well). Because of the moon phase, they may become confrontational and refuse, but be assertive and show them how important it is that they go. Also on this day, I recommend bringing projects and work that you've been doing during the week to an end. Wrap up and finish work that is ready to be done. Do not worry if you did something wrong. Just allow your efforts to happen as you made them and learn from any possible mistakes you find. To enduce the emotions of the day around you, I recommend wearing colors such as gray, indigo, blue, black, or especially brown.

In peace and love,

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Comment by Necrono on January 29, 2009 at 4:55pm
Thanks for the update, Johnji.


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