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Could anyone explain to me how a person becomes a Wiccan Priest or Priestess?

What qualifications or experience is needed for that position?

Is there a difference between a High Priest(ess) and just a regular Priest(ess)?

Does a person have to be part of a Coven to become a Priest(ess)?

I'd appreciate the input.

In peace and love,

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Comment by Necrono on January 9, 2009 at 3:20am
Hey Johnji,

The terms priest and priestess are not mentioned in Wiccan canon as far as I know. I think that the best way of interpreting those terms would be those people eligible to be High Priest/ess. Canon does dictate that High Priest/ess is a title that is only effective in the magick circle. The High Priest/ess is the vessel through which the Lord or Lady (respectively) speak. The High Priest/ess is supposed to enter a trance during ritual, let the spirits communicate through him/her, and be recognized as the Lord/Lady while in the trance. (See the work of Gardner, or Lady Sheba)

Wiccan High Priests/esses are supposed to have gone through all three levels of Initiation, which cannot be performed without a coven. Since the title of 'High' is transitory among the qualifying members of a coven, it is hard to say whether or not a High Priest/ess would be recognized as an officiate by the government (which I believe regulates that a cult must have at least three members in the congregation, and an cult leader must be recognized by at least three members). Clergy of the neo-pagan community are recognized by the government when they apply for ordainment through a seminary, some of which are not denomination specific. My own ordainment comes from the United Life Church, which is not any religion in particular. There are other seminaries, some of which are Neo-pagan or even Wiccan specific, such as the Cherry Hill Seminary in South Carolina (http://cherryhillseminary.org/).
Comment by Johnji on January 9, 2009 at 7:30am
Thank you, Pierre.
Comment by Amethyst Aradia on July 8, 2009 at 11:50am
If you are a solitary wiccan then in essence you are the preist or preistess of your own practice.


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