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Wow....Goddess.com is just...wow...you did an amazing job Webby!

So Greetings to everyone in 2009!!

Hope it started well for you all. What were your resolutions this year?

Mine was to say yes to more things, I say no alot, so I figure I"ll see more if I say yes more. That just may prove to be difficult with me saving money to leave the country, lol.

I was amazed to find yesturday that my mom has surpassed me in her quest to find spirituality. She meditates at least once a day now. This amazed me because when I ventured into neo-paganism she was way against it. She used to read tarot in her younger days and read palms but she refused to after awhile for personal reasons and now that she's retired she is seeking out her path...and she's asking ME for advice and telling me about books she's read...I just find it shocking, I am so happy for her right now. She also gave me some really good spiritual advice. See I have been sick with heither heatburn, the flu or colds 5 times within the last 6 months. I almost never get sick. Mind you with graduating from Ecotourism this year and planning to move out of the country and stupid personal relationships I've been a bit stressed lately, lol. But she suggested I start meditating again. I think she's right. So starting to night I shall get rid of my lazyness and meditate! ;p

I'm new to this blogging thing, but here's my blog! I love and miss you all!


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