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There is more; elements were forgotten as I was writing the last post.

I woke up the morning of the 16th with a jolt. My girlfriend had touched me to wake me up from a nightmare:

I held an old-fashioned reciever of a telephone to my ear, and through it I could hear my best-friend's girlfriend struggling, and the very heavy breathing of someone unknown. Then I heard a gunshot through the phone, and I knew that my best friend, "Jeremiah", was dead.

That was when my girlfriend woke me up. It took me a moment to gather my senses, but I promptly explained my dream. Two hours later my friend (from the previous post) calls me to tell me her best friend "Jeremiah" was shot and killed the night before. I didn't make the coorelation until that night at the party I was hosting for my birthday. When I pointed out the coincidence to Gretchen to gasped just as I had. I knew "Jeremiah" was dead, I just mistook my friend's friend Miah for my friend Jae in the dream.

I don't know if this event is hinting at more occult talents. Certainly there is a history: my paternal grandmother woke to the deaths of her two teenage children. This would mean genetics can't have much to do with the passing of insightful dreams: I got a y chromosome from my father, neither of the x chromosomes that made up my grandmother. Also, I was not very tuned to Miah, so I might not have picked up on his passing. I am very tuned to our mutual friend, however, and I could have received a psychic distress signal from her. The murder happened before midnight, however, so why did I not get the message until early the next morning? Was there a processing delay like bank or post business over weekends? The dream came around sunrise, so there must be someting about the new day, correct?

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Comment by gypsywisdom on August 5, 2009 at 2:06pm
You have a gift, not anything external like your art, it comes from within. It's passed down through generations. Sometimes there are no answers, things just are. You have a gift, do something with it to help others. If you keep searching for every little answer you will drive yourself crazy. Harness your gift so that your visions (dreams) come sooner, maybe one day you will use this to guide people who aren't as blessed as yourself. You will find, that it will not always feel like a gift, it will feel more like a curse! Times like those you will want to remember all the good deeds that come with having such a thing. And yes my dear, it is a very lonely road. No one will ever travel your exact path, but, there are some, who have traveled similar paths. Blessed Be...
Comment by Lisa Graham on September 29, 2009 at 10:33am
I have wondered about this same thing myself. My whole life I have had dreams that are so dead on accurate that it scares me sometimes. My daughter Chloe and my husband often ask me with trepidation what I dreamed of the night before. Now not all my dreams mean something, some are just silly rantings generated by my brain I suppose. I always dream in color and I can also remember my dreams with amazing detail and clarity even after being awake for hours even days after the dream. Is that normal? Most people I talk to do not even remember their dreams and dream in black and white. People often look at me strangely as I talk about these epic tales that occur in my dreams at night.
Does anyone experience this?


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