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I attended a group, full-moon ritual last night; and, although it wasn't the greatest experience that I had, it was inspiring for greater work.

A real take away for me was attaching my sun-sign, Taurus, with a new totem.  I was presented with an image of a stout, broad animal with some kind of spike, and it came to me in several forms: Bull was in their, but also warthog and, most-notably, Rhinoceros.

It occurs to me that Rhinoceros is a new sacred cow for our world.  It is a sturdy, grazing wild animal, which is sacrificed for its value (horns), which is even more vain than the cow's gift of milk.  The Rhinoceros is on the verge of extinction, an animal about to move from the profane/reality to the sacred/imaginary.  It is an animal moving through the veil because of the human-condition (hate), and a great metaphor to use to discuss the dark motives of people, how powerful that motive is, and how we as a concurrent animal need healing and stewardship.

My take away from last night's reflection (a gift of the full moon), is to redraw and learn from new kinds of celestial/zodiacal totems.

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