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In one days time, I will officially be a First degree Reiki healer for one whole year! It's been a great adventure so far and I've gotten plenty of experience. In the beginning, I researched and studied the symbols that you learn to draw with energy on your person, but I've stepped away from the traditional Reiki, and I just lay my hands on each of the main chakras and just let the Divine healing do it's job. The greatest gift I receive is after each healing is finished and I bring them back from their peace. It's the look of complete peace and without care. That's is beautiful.

I've considered many times on going on to being attuned to Second Degree, which involves more sending healing energy to someone instead of physically being there with them. I can't decide if a year has been long enough to practice with Reiki or if I should I get the next level at all?

If in the end, I decide not to advance, I think that I'll at least do the first degree attunement again to refresh the healing centers.

In peace and love,

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Comment by Johnji on January 4, 2009 at 7:34pm
I've decided to go ahead and get the 2nd Degree Attunement.


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