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I had this nightmare a few months ago. i'm not a dream interpretor, so i have no idea what it means or am i asking for an interpretation. i just wanna share. the dream was pretty short, but horrifying.

----I wake up in a field where there is no life at all, as if it had been scorched. the sky was red like the glow of fire and was bright like it was noon and hazy, but there was no sun. I walk down a road only to see nothing. the world completely devoid of life. i begin to approach the edge of a large, unnamed city. It was completely ablaze. The rivers running from the city were as red as blood itself, though i couldn't tell if it was blood. I turn to face the city and this figure stands before me. He was the same height and build as i was. He was wearing a black futuristic body armour that was sleek and very polished. He was also wearing a helm similar to a biker's helmet but it was a bit smaller, more form fitting. The visor was completely dark, so you couldn't see his face. But his helm was shiny enough that i could see my own face in it. In the centre of that visor was a red light that ocillated back and forth (like the light in the robots u see on Battlestar Gallactica). His hands were covered in blood and dripped upon the lifeless earth. I stood face to face with this entity not knowing what he was gonna do to me. He did not speak or move. You could not tell with his helm on, but I knew he was smiling at me most maliciously----

It was at this point i woke up feeling like my heart was gonna fly out of my chest. i never had this dream again.

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Comment by gypsywisdom on August 5, 2009 at 11:58am
What is your birthday? And as for interpreting dreams, 2 people can have the same exact dream and have two totally separate meanings, it depends on the person and what that person has going on in their life. Also the symbolism plays a huge part as well. And then, there are worldly prophetic dreams, and this is why I ask for your your birth date. If you feel comfortable, if I may, I would like to calculate your birth chart. I need your birthday, birth time, and place of birth. my name is wendy by the way. On a lighter note, you have a beautiful black cat, I have a black cat as well, his name is lucky. He has one eye and a broken tail. Ironically is name is lucky. LOL!!! Blessed Be my brother...
Comment by gypsywisdom on August 5, 2009 at 12:01pm
What I feel, the person in the armor was you.


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