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So, this is MY blog and what I've chosen to do with it. I will post a joke and/or insult as well as maybe a funny or off the wall text I get and maybe a picture or two from time to time no promises though. NOW this being my choice for MY blog, readers be warned! I may NOT share the same sediment, agree with, or disagree with the stuff I post. It's just stuff I will be posting! So cyber filler if you will. Like it, share your comment. Dislike it, share your comment. However don't be surprised if I delete it or reply back with a fang. It's just a blog not my diary...THAT is NOT on the net anywhere so, don't waist your time looking. Those of you whom feel the need to ask questions please do so however know and keep in mind that at times the bitch wolf comes off as dry and that is not a direct attack on you or your question just the facts or the facts as perceived by me. I've been known to be wrong but, who hasn't! I am human and thus not without my flaws. If you feel the need to point out my flaws get in line or start your own blog and/or group! There is also therapy available....check local listings. That being said...let's begine.

What do you call three blonds in a freezer?
Frosted flakes
(Who doesn't love a good a blonde joke)

Come back and talk to me when you are done evolving.
(For those of you still in the dating scene....I do believe I used one just like this only not as polite and it get's the message accross.)

What does a fat tatooed blonde & a pile bricks have in common? Sooner or later they will both get laid by a Mexican.
(Read above.)
I will not alter the texts I get in any way even it's misspelled or mistexted (misspeak)...it is not meant to insult, humiliate or degrade the person who sent the text as they will NOT even get a mention in the posts unless they have asked to be noted or named...it is simply because, I do not need to be a second grade grammar teacher spellchecking peoples work....use your spellcheck! Most PC, laptops and cell phones have a version of it....look up predictive text if you think your cell phone does not have it.
Some are cute, some are amusing, some are distasteful, some are just funny, some are HUH?!? and some just are. Kinda like people!
See you all on the cyber flip side.
Blind Wolf

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