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After a long hike in the woods, my friend E and I came back to my house and watched two episodes of a Discovery Channel documentary: A Haunting in Connecticut (A story based on true events that a movie has recently been made of), and A Haunting in Georgia. It was the second, in Georgia, that was particularly interesting. Not only was the story especially suspenseful, I also found an aspect of the story somewhat familiar. After dealing with a haunting in their house for years, the family decided to call in a series of paranormal investigators: a psychologist, a medium, and a member of their church who was aware of the veil. It was the last of the three who said something that struck me. Unlike the medium, he did not see or hear spirits, nor communicate with them, but he could sense them, which he described as "somebody passing by". This description was really striking, matching my experiences. I have not found myself to be clairvoyant, though occasionally clairaudient. I have managed to communicate successfully. As the years go on, I have started to wonder about what my role can be between the veil. I thought about the roles of the three paranormal investigators brought in. The last two were fairly similar, their only major difference being their religious affiliation. In regards to being a medium, I do not believe I appropriately serve the needs of either the spirit or human communities. I help if I am approached, but do not attend those purposes. I find that I am more interested in researching the structure of the worlds, and determining the full extent of human potential. The roles of prophet or bodhisattva seem most intriguing. Maybe that is why I am drawn to my teaching career.

I was accepted into the Masters of Education program. I am waiting for the official letter of acceptance, but I did already receive an e-mail saying I will be brought in. If all goes well, I will have the chance to answer curiosity and plant the seeds of learning for years to come. I think that the guise of a parochial teacher will be helpful to maintain the humility of service needed for this task. My ambitions must rest in the will of the divine right, which may not coincide with what I want. That will be a true sacrifice on my behalf..

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