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He was called to get some for items for his shop in another town. Travel at time was limited to walking and at night unsafe. He had to fulfull the requests of his customers and so time was of the essence. The trail to the other town would be one little traveled but was the fastest. He left after closing his shop, though even with the shortest trail, it still would take him all night and part of the next day. He went far as he could till he was grew weary and needed to put up camp. While setting up his tent and starting a fire for light, he heard a cry of a lone wolf far off in the distance. He did not fear though, as it was not a cry of hunger but one of comfort. After he ate, he put out the fire and tried to fall asleep. Restless with the urgency, he got up and continued on. Along the way he felt a presence nearby but sight unseen. It stopped with him and continue as he did. As he rounded a bent in the path, he came face to face with a very large wolf with ice blue eyes and an aura of energy untold. It was a meeting of his kindred spirit though it was one yet unborn, as it was before it's time. The wolf turned and walked onward, looking back to make sure he was following. He walked along side the wolf for quite a distance. Though the wolf did not speak, he could understand him. The wolf told him of the spirit world and that all things are connected in it's own way. That if you listen not with your ears but with an open heart and mind, you would learn of a world far and wide. As they continued on, the wolf reveiled the spirital world that could not be seen with human eyes. It was his birth of his own spirit. The wolf walked on ahead and was out of sight in short time. He hurried his pace to catch up to his guide but as he came over the hill, the wolf was nowhere in sight. He looked up to the night sky and saw the wolf in the stars like orion, the hunter. He felt his new life and suddenly he no longer saw through his eyes but with his spirit. He kept going and came upon a pack of wolves feeding on a fresh kill. He had no fear as they looked up and knew he was the same as them. It was going to be a long journey still. His eyes grew heavy and he decided he must stop. He was awoke and found himself at the place he first laid down. He was confused at first then he realized his journey was to enlighten and open his mind to his new birth. After getting the things he needed and returning back to his shop, he found himself a changed person. Many years passed on and one day as all things must do, he passed on. His shop was taken over by his apprentice who carried on and did well for quite some time. One day, he found himself in need of new items for the store. He decided to make a trip to get them, along the way he came accross a wolf with ice blue eyes. Blessed be as life goes on for all of us.........................

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