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Moon enters Aries 11:25am Central

Dear mystics, wisemen, and star gazers,

Tomorrow morning, the moon will be going through two different stages.

At 5:23am, the moon will be Void of Course. If you don't know already, void of course means that the moon is not in any particular sign. During this time, it is recommend that you do not make any decisions, do any work, or do anything that will effect your future life to come. Refrain from any magical work you may do, because it will either not work at all or come… Continue

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Here and Now

If you want any of these words to be for you, then by all means, assume away. I couldn’t care less anymore what you think of me or what I do. Some of you may understand what I’ve been through because I underestimate my friends all the time. I set little challenges in my mind for them and myself, and I am usually surprised with the outcome, whether good or bad. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wrote something down and erased it, and then wrote something else because a friend popped into my… Continue

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I have a serious question...

Could anyone explain to me how a person becomes a Wiccan Priest or Priestess?

What qualifications or experience is needed for that position?

Is there a difference between a High Priest(ess) and just a regular Priest(ess)?

Does a person have to be part of a Coven to become a Priest(ess)?

I'd appreciate the input.

In peace and love,

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Two meditations in one day!

So at my weekly "book club" I did a meditation with the group where you see your Spirit Symbol, I have that in my previous blog. Later tonight, I took another meditation by myself. I made a bath and added some Elemental Water bath salts. I had some nice chant music in the background.

I went into my meditation.

I'm walking down a well-worn path. I come to a bridge that goes over a small river. Below me on the bridge is a box filled with jars. Inside the jars is everything… Continue

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Fulfilling My Purpose

In one days time, I will officially be a First degree Reiki healer for one whole year! It's been a great adventure so far and I've gotten plenty of experience. In the beginning, I researched and studied the symbols that you learn to draw with energy on your person, but I've stepped away from the traditional Reiki, and I just lay my hands on each of the main chakras and just let the Divine healing do it's job. The greatest gift I receive is after each healing is finished and I bring them back… Continue

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Help me Goddess, I hate myself tonight!

I have hate in me tonight. I have a lot of negativity that is building up in me and I don't know where it's coming from or why I am unable to let it go. In an attempt to help, I asked myself what would make me happy:

I would be happy if I were thinner.

Thinner? Really? But Johnji, you've already lost so much weight. If you lose anymore, you'll look sick.

Yes, thinner. I want to lose as much fat as I am able. I want to work out and bust my ass to lose two or… Continue

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