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14 Points of Rotation - taken from my other blog.

I am going to make a point in my next blog post, but to do such I need to fill everyone in on a little bit of my previous research. This old post is about altered states of consciousness, both temporal and spiritual. My main interest in posting this is the last of the three experiments (The Next Day), starting where the text style is set to bold. I could not extract the experience without the associated context, and I figure that some readers may be aided by the rest of the… Continue

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My Natal Chart - taken from my other blog.

I worked on this bit of horoscopy a few years ago, and posted it on another blog. I thought it would be a good idea to add it here. I was very moody afterward because of its precise description of my romantic quarrels.


Alright, lets take a better look at this sucker:

(A quick lesson in horoscopy. This is my natal chart. The circle represents the way the stars turn in the sky. Imagine for a moment that you were… Continue

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Yahoo!Horoscopes - right on the money?

Yahoo!Horoscope Year 2009 Overview: Taurus

It's time to celebrate yourself, Taurus! You are pouring yourself into your life's mission and rejuvenating yourself with abundant thinking, which attracts great things to you. You're diligently creating a public arena where opportunities will emerge for you to be a teacher or messenger. Engagements for speaking, writing and sharing your thoughts will open up. Other people will be inspired by your enthusiasm and insight, and will support you… Continue

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Can it be?

Goddess.com is back! Thank Goddess because I am going to need the full support of the community this coming year, so I hope to see everyone back! I'm going to be enrolling for a Masters degree in education! The program is focused on catering to the parochial school systems of NW IN and Chicago, so its back to Catholic school for me!!! I'm really excited about the program, and maybe one day I could use this information to help educate the Neo-pagan community.

I'm also expecting my… Continue

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