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Funeral (Cont'd)

There is more; elements were forgotten as I was writing the last post.

I woke up the morning of the 16th with a jolt. My girlfriend had touched me to wake me up from a nightmare:

I held an old-fashioned reciever of a telephone to my ear, and through it I could hear my best-friend's girlfriend struggling, and the very heavy breathing of someone unknown. Then I heard a gunshot through the phone, and I knew that my best friend, "Jeremiah", was…

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On May 15th, a little after 11pm, my friend was visiting her boyfriend at his apartment one floor above her's. Her boyfriend answered the knock at the door, and there was a hispanic woman who asked for "Tommy". When the boyfriend explained that there was nobody by that name there, the girl was pushed out of the way by a black man wielding a hand-gun, who proceeded to demand money from 'Tommy'. The commotion alerted my friend's best-friend, Jeremiah, who was also living in the apartment. Seeing… Continue

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The Aelwyd Marraige

This past Beltane my best friend got married during an ADF (druid fellowship) ritual. The overall ritual was nice. The previous ADF ritual I had attended with them was really moving. This one: not quite so much. Energy was concentrated, the cauldron dressed, the maypole danced and bound, and offerings were made to the Daghda and his mistress Boan. At some point during the ritual the happy couple disappeared into the woods to exchange vows in private.

That hurt a little, I'll admit. I… Continue

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Surprise! Daydreaming Really Works the Brain

I ran across this article on Yahoo!News (original source: http://www.livescience.com/health/090513-daydream-brain.html) and really appreciated the research.


Surprise! Daydreaming Really Works the Brain

By LiveScience Staff

posted: 13 May 2009 09:52 am ET

Got a tough problem to solve? Try daydreaming.

Contrary to the notion that daydreaming is a sign of laziness, letting the mind wander can actually let the… Continue

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