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Censor-drama on FB

I'll be leaving Facebook over this.

They censored my sharing, from a reputable news source, an important story about an ethnic minority that had to change their religion to accommodate globalist, economic factors. I think I was censored because of photographs of the locals. As an anthropologist and pagan, I'm furious.


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Paganicon 2017

So, I'll be at Paganicon 2017 in the Twin Cities next weekend. Is anybody else planning on attending? Have you been to any Pagan conventions?

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Aliens will solve Hawkins v. LaVey

I sometimes find that Neo-paganism is a stepping stone for Christians on their way to Atheism.  Certainly, one of the most monumental moments from my early days was letting go of the Christian belief -- not in the idea of God or prayer, but in context of my relationship to the world. Prime example:  If we reincarnate, my mother isn't "my" mother.  In Christianity, she only has one go around, and I am her child.  She may not be my mother next time, and I might not be her son.  Severing the…


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Full Moon Reflections

I attended a group, full-moon ritual last night; and, although it wasn't the greatest experience that I had, it was inspiring for greater work.

A real take away for me was attaching my sun-sign, Taurus, with a new totem.  I was presented with an image of a stout, broad animal with some kind of spike, and it came to me in several forms: Bull was in their, but also warthog and, most-notably, Rhinoceros.

It occurs to me that Rhinoceros is a new sacred cow for our…


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I can't believe I have found a Coven...

Goddess.com was an amazing place when I was a ritual-heavy solitairy occultist.  It was a place that I could go to communicate questions, which divination, meditation and prayer failed to resolve.  As I moved away from ritual to a more existential path, the role of this community to me ended up on the spiritual back-burner.

This year has been tumultuous, but fair.  Its crowning achievement, spiritually-speaking, has been finding the equivalent of a Coven.  With my ritual…


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Oh please let this be me progressing from the dumps of the Retun of Saturn...

--I completed my 2nd degree.  Check out my animation work at draftindance.com, and recommend me to HRs of graphic design, motion graphic, and VFX companies...

--I moved.  I'm in Madison now. I'm hoping this will alleviate the psychological dangers of my previous environment.

Overall, its feeling like an improvement.  I…


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Aztec Death Altar / Dreams of the Demon

I feel like this dream was sent to me for a reason, a purposeful,

learning experience that I think I am supposed to follow up on. I'm

scratching at how it actually began, but the pieces become much clearer

toward the end. I think it begins....

...in a zoo; dark, humid, scented sour. Everything is a little too faunal, and little alien, and

little animal, not quite human. There are graves, open pits with

skeletal remains, and a grill. It is a stone structure,… Continue

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One-and-a-half months in...

One and a half months in,

... and everything is going fairly well. I'm swamped with classes, but there is a beautiful group of people around who I can work with. There is something bothering me though...

I have these religious/spirituality classes that are naturally focused on the "loving power of Christ's redemption". Every class we slip closer and closer to that moment where we have to ask God's forgiveness, and find it by putting our trust in Jesus. I believe that… Continue

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Funeral (Cont'd)

There is more; elements were forgotten as I was writing the last post.

I woke up the morning of the 16th with a jolt. My girlfriend had touched me to wake me up from a nightmare:

I held an old-fashioned reciever of a telephone to my ear, and through it I could hear my best-friend's girlfriend struggling, and the very heavy breathing of someone unknown. Then I heard a gunshot through the phone, and I knew that my best friend, "Jeremiah", was…

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On May 15th, a little after 11pm, my friend was visiting her boyfriend at his apartment one floor above her's. Her boyfriend answered the knock at the door, and there was a hispanic woman who asked for "Tommy". When the boyfriend explained that there was nobody by that name there, the girl was pushed out of the way by a black man wielding a hand-gun, who proceeded to demand money from 'Tommy'. The commotion alerted my friend's best-friend, Jeremiah, who was also living in the apartment. Seeing… Continue

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The Aelwyd Marraige

This past Beltane my best friend got married during an ADF (druid fellowship) ritual. The overall ritual was nice. The previous ADF ritual I had attended with them was really moving. This one: not quite so much. Energy was concentrated, the cauldron dressed, the maypole danced and bound, and offerings were made to the Daghda and his mistress Boan. At some point during the ritual the happy couple disappeared into the woods to exchange vows in private.

That hurt a little, I'll admit. I… Continue

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Surprise! Daydreaming Really Works the Brain

I ran across this article on Yahoo!News (original source: http://www.livescience.com/health/090513-daydream-brain.html) and really appreciated the research.


Surprise! Daydreaming Really Works the Brain

By LiveScience Staff

posted: 13 May 2009 09:52 am ET

Got a tough problem to solve? Try daydreaming.

Contrary to the notion that daydreaming is a sign of laziness, letting the mind wander can actually let the… Continue

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Best Friend's Handfasting

My best friend's handfasting is happening Saturday. I feel bad because he and I haven't had much of a chance to discuss it more. We'll only be able to see each other for a few hours before hand, and likely not afterward as he and the misses need to run back home the next day. There ceremony will be druid. I'll share more with you afterward.

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Surely some good could come from this utter, destructive, curling hate frothing from the very core of my being toward my own creation! How can I blame it! I can only blame myself!!!


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After a long hike in the woods, my friend E and I came back to my house and watched two episodes of a Discovery Channel documentary: A Haunting in Connecticut (A story based on true events that a movie has recently been made of), and A Haunting in Georgia. It was the second, in Georgia, that was particularly interesting. Not only was the story especially suspenseful, I also found an aspect of the story somewhat familiar. After dealing with a haunting in their house for years, the family… Continue

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River Dream

I dreamed this morning.

My friend Erin invited me to play video games with her and her friends. We started playing a very unusual version of Super Mario World. Mario suddenly turned into a fish, who had to navigate a river filled with bigger, uglier fish. The Mario fish became trapped by one large fish's poison-dart tentacle suction cups. Something about this brought me into a river.

I dreamt of this river previously, but had forgotten about it. Now I… Continue

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Review: "The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge" by Jeremy Narby

I found Jeremy Narby's The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge while walking through Barnes and Nobles looking for Christmas gifts. Narby is a Canadian/Swiss Ph.D Anthropologist who studied at U of Canterbury and Stanford. Narby works with the Swiss non-profit Nouvelle Planéte. The text is relatively short: only 162 pages not counting the notes and bibliography which make up nearly half of the manuscript. I am a slow reader, and finished this book in about 2 weeks. It is… Continue

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Passed Praxis / LEAPs, here I come!

To get into the Lutheran Education Alliance with Parochial Schools Masters in Education and teaching licensing program I had to pass the Praxis Pre-Professional Skills Test. I took the test this passed monday over a 4.5 hour period. It was broken into 3 parts, reading, writing, and arithmetic, of which my reading and arithmetic scores were immediately available:

Reading: 184/190 - I needed 176 to pass.

Arithmetic: 176/190 - I needed 175 to pass.

AH! *sigh of relief* I… Continue

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The BP refinery in Indiana is dumping Mercury, and wants to dump more ammonia and suspended solids into Lake Michigan, one of the largest fresh water resources in the United States. On top of this, The Indiana Department of Environmental Management's office in Northwest Indiana has stopped fining agencies that violate their environmental permits. The EPA fined Indiana companies $27M in 2006 for violations, and named BP as one of the worst…


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The Cosmic Serpent

Click on the Book to Purchase

The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge, by Jeremy Narby

I found this book shortly before Christmas, and knowing that it was too late to add to the list for Santa made the purchase myself. I have just begun reading it, and will give a full review when I'm finished, but found something that really interested me and had to discuss it. Narby's book is about resolving how… Continue

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