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I love winter. It's my favourite season, well when there is snow at least. There is nothing better than staring at the snow and watching it glitter in sunlight, except watching it in moonlight. When it falls and the ice crystals form amazing shapes, thick puffy snowflakes blanket the ground....

Thinking about it perhaps I enjoy the snow because I love to ski....alpine skiing is a need for me, away of relaxing and enjoying the world around me. You can go to a different place when… Continue

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Female Superiority

It seems to me that women are surpassing men in many fields. Have women always had these abilities and had them supressed by men, or could it be possible that homo sapiens are in a Darwin type evolution where the female grows to supress and dominate the male of the species? If this is so, is there a Goddess somewhere leading this movement?

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Moon enters Aries 11:25am Central

Dear mystics, wisemen, and star gazers,

Tomorrow morning, the moon will be going through two different stages.

At 5:23am, the moon will be Void of Course. If you don't know already, void of course means that the moon is not in any particular sign. During this time, it is recommend that you do not make any decisions, do any work, or do anything that will effect your future life to come. Refrain from any magical work you may do, because it will either not work at all or come… Continue

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dreams of destruction

I had this nightmare a few months ago. i'm not a dream interpretor, so i have no idea what it means or am i asking for an interpretation. i just wanna share. the dream was pretty short, but horrifying.

----I wake up in a field where there is no life at all, as if it had been scorched. the sky was red like the glow of fire and was bright like it was noon and hazy, but there was no sun. I walk down a road only to see nothing. the world completely devoid of life. i begin to approach the… Continue

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Hello WG and Necrono and whomever else!

In response to the ^ good sir, who asked about the prefix "wicked" -

Well, i've been very active on another forum where that word has become a part of my identity after getting tacked on to the name i built there. this evolved from the name i changed my blog to after i felt i'd grown out of "auracle", which was "soundofwicked" [a play on my notion that music (as in Sound Of Music) and silence (as in Sound Of Silence) and wicked are all… Continue

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Daily Rant

So, this is MY blog and what I've chosen to do with it. I will post a joke and/or insult as well as maybe a funny or off the wall text I get and maybe a picture or two from time to time no promises though. NOW this being my choice for MY blog, readers be warned! I may NOT share the same sediment, agree with, or disagree with the stuff I post. It's just stuff I will be posting! So cyber filler if you will. Like it, share your comment. Dislike it, share your comment. However don't be surprised if… Continue

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Here and Now

If you want any of these words to be for you, then by all means, assume away. I couldn’t care less anymore what you think of me or what I do. Some of you may understand what I’ve been through because I underestimate my friends all the time. I set little challenges in my mind for them and myself, and I am usually surprised with the outcome, whether good or bad. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wrote something down and erased it, and then wrote something else because a friend popped into my… Continue

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My Husband, His Girlfriend, Her Husband and His Girlfriend (who happens to be exfiancee' to one of my roommates.)

Husband: Together since 02/11/1996, married since 12/28/2002, separated since 11/15/08

Its a hilarious story....

3 months ago I thought I was (mostly) happily married.

There were some argments, but no more than any of our other friends' couples.

The weekend of October 19th we (my husband, his best friend, and myself) went to Peoria for a 1 day class.

My husband's best friend and her husband (my best friend) were fighting over the phone that day, as he… Continue

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I have returned!

I have come back for a while I hope for longer than that. I am so glad to be back! I hope those of old remember me. ~Smiles~ I am sure they will if they don't already I never forget anything.

Added by Reina on January 17, 2009 at 4:24pm — 1 Comment

my Word!

i am member # 28 of GoddessPlace!
wow. that seems wrong somehow! so many more than 28 before me at Goddess.com. but here i am, and hopefully i shall see you around. i'm no longer simply auracle. i've gone and i've got to be wicked.

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Passed Praxis / LEAPs, here I come!

To get into the Lutheran Education Alliance with Parochial Schools Masters in Education and teaching licensing program I had to pass the Praxis Pre-Professional Skills Test. I took the test this passed monday over a 4.5 hour period. It was broken into 3 parts, reading, writing, and arithmetic, of which my reading and arithmetic scores were immediately available:

Reading: 184/190 - I needed 176 to pass.

Arithmetic: 176/190 - I needed 175 to pass.

AH! *sigh of relief* I… Continue

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The BP refinery in Indiana is dumping Mercury, and wants to dump more ammonia and suspended solids into Lake Michigan, one of the largest fresh water resources in the United States. On top of this, The Indiana Department of Environmental Management's office in Northwest Indiana has stopped fining agencies that violate their environmental permits. The EPA fined Indiana companies $27M in 2006 for violations, and named BP as one of the worst…


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Greetings! ^^

Wow....Goddess.com is just...wow...you did an amazing job Webby!

So Greetings to everyone in 2009!!

Hope it started well for you all. What were your resolutions this year?

Mine was to say yes to more things, I say no alot, so I figure I"ll see more if I say yes more. That just may prove to be difficult with me saving money to leave the country, lol.

I was amazed to find yesturday that my mom has surpassed me in her quest to find spirituality. She… Continue

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The Cosmic Serpent

Click on the Book to Purchase

The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge, by Jeremy Narby

I found this book shortly before Christmas, and knowing that it was too late to add to the list for Santa made the purchase myself. I have just begun reading it, and will give a full review when I'm finished, but found something that really interested me and had to discuss it. Narby's book is about resolving how… Continue

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14 Points of Rotation - taken from my other blog.

I am going to make a point in my next blog post, but to do such I need to fill everyone in on a little bit of my previous research. This old post is about altered states of consciousness, both temporal and spiritual. My main interest in posting this is the last of the three experiments (The Next Day), starting where the text style is set to bold. I could not extract the experience without the associated context, and I figure that some readers may be aided by the rest of the… Continue

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My Natal Chart - taken from my other blog.

I worked on this bit of horoscopy a few years ago, and posted it on another blog. I thought it would be a good idea to add it here. I was very moody afterward because of its precise description of my romantic quarrels.


Alright, lets take a better look at this sucker:

(A quick lesson in horoscopy. This is my natal chart. The circle represents the way the stars turn in the sky. Imagine for a moment that you were… Continue

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I have a serious question...

Could anyone explain to me how a person becomes a Wiccan Priest or Priestess?

What qualifications or experience is needed for that position?

Is there a difference between a High Priest(ess) and just a regular Priest(ess)?

Does a person have to be part of a Coven to become a Priest(ess)?

I'd appreciate the input.

In peace and love,

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Just chatter

January 5th - Though our new year started on Halloween, we are socially integrated to the rest of the worlds ideas about New beginning in January.

This month the new officers for the Oklahoma Pagan and Heathen Alliance take there new positions. I am the VP of Communication for 2009 among the other social duties I am involved in.

Founding Director of Oklahoma Earthfriends, an organization I help organize volunteers to physically get out in the countryside and be… Continue

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Two meditations in one day!

So at my weekly "book club" I did a meditation with the group where you see your Spirit Symbol, I have that in my previous blog. Later tonight, I took another meditation by myself. I made a bath and added some Elemental Water bath salts. I had some nice chant music in the background.

I went into my meditation.

I'm walking down a well-worn path. I come to a bridge that goes over a small river. Below me on the bridge is a box filled with jars. Inside the jars is everything… Continue

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