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This is a place for people to leave a note about what time they come on, also to arrange any meetings or discussion sessions. I so hope we can get back in the groove of the days gone by. I so miss it. Any way post what time your on, if you want to meet with someone at a certain time, Yes I am babbling just here sign your name leave your time. Mp and goodnight!

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I get on in the evenings, cst, around 8pm or so, I also pop in the mornings around 8am. I would really like to have a chance to chat with others here. I am new here and learning. Please check out my blogs and let me know what you think. Thank you.... blessed be to all and have a great day and night...
I am on eastern standard time. I am usually online between 8 and 11 am
I can get on about 8PM pacific time most nights after Cestus Dei finishes with raids. I've not been on or talked to very many of the old timers in a very long time. I do my own thing anymore, and raid with friends in EQ, endgame raiding guild. Once raids end, I will get on here.




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