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This is a place for people to leave a note about what time they come on, also to arrange any meetings or discussion sessions. I so hope we can get back in the groove of the days gone by. I so miss it. Any way post what time your on, if you want to meet with someone at a certain time, Yes I am babbling just here sign your name leave your time. Mp and goodnight!

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I have Mountain standard time and am usually around...well randomly is probably the best word for it. Either afternoons or I'm a night owl...its currently 10 pm ;) .....no night owlness for me tonight though...early work day tomorrow.
I'm usually on in the mornings: 10am-12pm Eastern, 9-11am Central, 8-10 Mountain, 7-9 Western, and again in the evening 7-9 pm Eastern, 6-8pm Central, 5-7pm Mountain, 4-6pm Western.

... but that might change if I get some work. :)
Thanks you guys!
myself, i am usually on at ridiculous o'clock. variously.

[it is currently 2:55 AM EST.]
i pop in from time to time but no one is ever on
It varies, I'm usually online at American EST times due to my work.
est only tells us how much of a difference your clock has from GMT, it doesn't actually say anything about what time of day that means, if you live in the eastern timezone ALL DAY is est. but i will assume you mean sometime during the day??
*honestly not trying to be a bitch*
I'm still JST(Tokyo) from around 2pm-5pm on Mon-Thurs and 1pm-late on Fri. Mostly.
What time e would that be pst.
i'm normally on bout 0730 central time. i'm rarely on passed 1200 though.
i try to get on at least after 10 :00 pm or pacific standard time but ofter manage to stop by frequently during the day at odd times..... waterwitch




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