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I hope this can be as fun a place as Spell Check used to be - without the high school kids from Australia messing things up!
Any of you who have been with me for a while will know exactly what I mean.
Please post!

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... your opening page says GoddessPlace is "almost" ready. Will any work I do right now be lost? Is this just a preview, or is the rest of the reconstruction going to occur around this software platform? Basically, can I already build my profile? 8D *Happiness*/*ANxIoUS*

I don't think any work will be lost, but maybe wait till next week. I just need to change the URL to goddessplace.net and we're set.

Happy Yule!


... wait. You are giving up Goddess.com? Really?
No, of course not.
I'm also Ravensdaughter, so if you want to see a picture of me, there you are!

Just wait until I get this email thing figured out!

Hey, you can help me with something. I've registered worldgoddessproject.com (and ,net and .org). What do you think I should do with that name? Could be big.


I know that a lot of people don't like invasive structure and institution in Neo-paganism. I do wonder if a social group, not for people but for organizations, would be good. A place to bring Covens, schools, parsonages, and volunteer/donation foundations together. There might not be enough of them though. I name sounds like there is some ambition to bring neo-paganism out, and recognized as a global force. What would we have to do to institutionalize a method of neo-pagan specific ordination?


I have no idea what the Austrailian thing was supposed to mean, but I support Goddess Place 100%. I can't wait for group chats and discussions, let me know if any official times get set up.

In peace and love,
The Aussie thing dates back several years when we had a bunch of high school kids invade GoddessChat and make a rude mess of things. We had to contact the school to get the kids off our forum. Ask Necrono. He dates back to that time.
Glad to have you with us on GoddessPlace and Goddess.com. I'm working on expanding the site everyday, and I would love it if you'd let me know your thoughts. I always listen to suggestions from my users.
Hola Johnji, I started a discussion. Why don't you join?
Yours, Neithard (pronounce NightHeart)
Yeah no kids, but I loved freaking them out, and getting a couple to join and understand. ~smiles~
Hey webby...great job on the new site. Let's see if we can recapapture some of the glory of the old days.
Is the Chat gone again or will it be back up anytime?
You're more than welcome!






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