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So, I'm Starting a new book of shadows. I closed the last one and am preparing a new one. This will be the first one I am attemping a magickal alphabet. I wanted some input from the pagan community on how they feel about magickal alphabets, and which ones they seemed to connect with most.

        I came across Theban, years ago, in the first book i read "Teen Witch" by SilverRaven Wolf. She mentioned something about not Transliterating it directly into english, or you would end up with a mess of magickal soup. Naturally, i didnt really want to mess with things that I didnt understand, So i didnt touch it.

If someone wants to share there thoughts, knowledge and such on the subject, it will help me out a lot in my magickal journey.


Be well, Be Safe, and Blessed Be!



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*digs out his "Lingual Anthropologist" hat*


Hmm... Magickal scripts...

Ok, the first thing that comes to my mind is beware being romanced by history.  Is using a fancy script actually going to help your magick?  How does this script fit into how your magick works?  Are you using it just to create a sense of mysticism or provide exclusion among the readers?  Is that a positive element that you want to embrace in your magick? 


Part of the charm of using exotic scripts is that we feel we have learned something important.  Glyphs seem cool because there is an element of translation, of not knowing what the next word is, or that it might have been taken out of context in a previous translation and that it might be figured out correctly this time!  For the Egyptians, Mesoamericans, and Hebrews, there script tends to have a double meaning: 1) simply a written language, 2) a metaphysical element such as spells or secret numerology.  If you don't intend on meeting those secondary meanings, any use of these scripts becomes superficial.  Also a concern is the authenticity of any script used in neo-paganism.  I'm not sure about the history of Theban, but I thought that it has only been around since the Golden Bough.  Having seen alchemical manuscripts from the Renaissance, it seems many masters settled with the script of their time, or complex pictures with secret meanings.


To be fair, I use a version of the Celtic script in my magickal literature.  Yes, it results from an early overexposure to celtic mythology to which I have no magickal attachment.  My primary concern, though, was to keep the work secret from uninvited readers.  To help throw off the trail, I've redesigned spellings to my personal preference.


Naturally the decision is yours, but I recommend that if you haven't bothered with it before, than make sure when/if you take the task on, it becomes something personal but effective.






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