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It was amazing!!!

It was a small get together, that lasted only a short while, but was absolutely worth every minute.  I met many interesting people, most notably Selena Fox (who helps run a local circle).  There were some great conversations:

1) A hedge druid discussed his interpretation of druidry, and inadvertantly highlighted the difficulties of a) separating political progressivism from Neo-pagan dogma, and b) Identity as it relates to Nationalism.

2) Eros, Nudity and the Neo-Pagan Culture -- This, my friends, was amazing.  The host was a sex-therapist who also happens to run a 503c land-granted pagan campground.  It is used a safe space for skyclad optional rituals.  The conversation was enlightening because of its address of sexual-stewardship in neo-pagan culture -- that is, how we should develop a culture of appreciate and acceptance for its psychological/sociological sexual-health benefits.

3) I am a Son, Born of the Moon: A Discussion of Men's Spirituality in a Pagansim -- Jason, is that not totally what you were discussing in your post, "Dianic Men" (http://goddessplace.ning.com/forum/topics/dianic-men).  It was amazing.  There was a half-dozen of us discussing, not just in a neo-pagan context but life in general, how to mediate the definition of masculinity so that we can still perform our roles, without succumbing to the overt feminism common in particularly goddess oriented traditions.

4) The same speaker as above then treated us to an excellent review on authoring rituals.  It was intended as a discussion on keeping rituals evokative, but really was more about the importance of addressing all the senses in unique ways.  It got really good at the end because we all shared ideas how to broaden one anothers' ritual techniques.


Please let me know if you have any questions as to specific content addressed.  Webmistress, I'd love to share GoddessPlace's name with those who might not know.


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