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Inspiration from Neithard's comments re: Unique Spiritual Maps

I have a spiritual map that alters and expands almost constantly, yet I do not always see the changes until reflecting. Some years ago I found myself (again) in the painful quandry I experienced so many times growing up and in college. It can be phased something like, "Why are the religions fighting for righteous beliefs when all religions are basically saying the same things?" - or something close to this. I has decided a long time ago that not only was I plagued by an unanswerable questions (except those who would have blind answers - the judeo christian guilt types - or other religions, by this I mean the superficial answers, entrenched in one set of answers only..) , but I was asking the wrong questions. There were sacred learnings (or unlearnings) in all religions and spiritualities, and yet,,,,we never seem to come together. Now that I am much older, I see that the main answers for me to appease the apparently unanswerable is too look inside, and to see I am a composite of many relationships, some spiritual, some with deities, some scientific, some ritualistic, some organized, etc...
Because I held humans to eventually transcend the limits of their religions and find that which is common, healing both to themselves, the earth, their fellow humans, their worships, I had been so tangeled. I decided to express my joys (sometimes painful) and my sorrows (also) and my very being, here, now, in common and learning. For healing myself, I now make spirit gardens. They are inspired by many things, but mostly those aspects which are in common::teachings, unique expressions, commonality of religious learnings, to gods and goddesses and to the scientific.. They are meditation tools. For my own healing and celebrations. This so far, is my artistic expression. I have given some away in service to others for assistance to celebrate their own unique composites of energy.
I am humbled each time I read one of these blog items and this is the VERY first one I have ever had to courage to use. Be WELL.

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Hola Ramona, thank you for sharing yout thoughts; and I really would like to see one of your spirit gardens, because I never heard of such a thing. (Naturally only if they are visible to others and only when they are meant to be shared.) Maybe you can put it into your photo place.

"True is what is true to you", and "true is what is true to me" - that is the religious-spiritual trick that always works and forces you into tolerance. And it gives you a yardstick to measure others: No tolerance for your truth; the try to change your truth; the try to superimpose your truth with the truth of somebody else, and you know exactly that you need to avoid those people. Those are the fundamentalists, fanatics, and missionaries, and they are always wrong no matter what truth they want to sell, and they always try to destroy YOU because they want to destroy your truth.

There is no Absolute Truth humans can talk about and the is no one-and-only-true religion. I think one of our obligations for the privilege of living on Planet Earth is to create our own spiritual universe, our own spiritual reality, our own rituals and other religious activities. And if the "Great Green Snarklegard" is your Supreme Being than this IS true because it is true to YOU. And if you think that it is your religious duty to hang for three hours daily upside down from a branch of the next apple tree, than that is true, too because it is true to YOU.

Be at peace - there is nothing to fear.
Merry Meet
I am so glad that you were willing to share this with everyone, I awoke from my slumber several years ago now, I am so glad that people are waking up, so to speak from there confinements. Their are skeptics out there that still sleep and do not understand. I do know that learning always seems to wake up the mind. So many people are still infants. I there thought porcess. Merry Part




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