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The Postulate:
There is a Creator of the Universe of Physics, called FatherGod and
a Creatrix of Biological Life, called MotherGoddess. (In my world Her name is AboraMana – roughly translated.)
Above the CreatorForces is the Supreme Being – sexless: not a Father nor a Mother, not a person with human traits, not to define. Can’t be talked about, but can be experienced by every human being. It is also called “The Total Truth” or “The All-including Truth”. On Planet Earth it is the hard to find “Philosophers Stone”.

The idea of an only-male CreatorGod created the unbalanced Jewish-Christian-Muslim mono-theistic belief-systems, which fought and are still fighting today for dominance over each other – a typical male-business, including the concepts of sin and salvation, reward (Heaven) and punishment (Hell).

All Gods and all Goddesses without exception are constructs of the human mind - when the last believer dies, the God dies, too.

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