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About ten years ago, when I started discovering the pagan path, I was drawn to the story of Diana. I studied the mythology, read the stories, and found what i could on worshiping her. However, in recent years, i decided to do some additional research on the internet (( 10 years ago, i much preferred a library to online resources)). i was very shocked to find phrases like "No men allowed in Dianna's path" or "Women only"; Knowing the story I can understand, but none the less it is still shocking. I already live in a area where the pagan community is small, but are there really such few men that follow Diana?

Any Dianic Women care to share their views on men in her path?

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When I was looking for a group to join, it seemed that Dianic groups tended to either worship exclusively with women, or be tied very intimately to women's mysteries.  Lately, however, I am finding out about more "men's only" groups, usually tied with sexual preference.  I think these exclusive cults within neo-paganism are probably the natural progression of the movement, whereby people can explore the spiritual elements to the changing dimensions of their lives.



Remember what you believe is the most important.If you really listen you can hear her. If you doubt you will end up like me [no where] ,race , gender, age doesn't matter

I just added a discussion in the forum about an event I went to that addressed this topic.  Bo "Hawthorne" Nelson of the Circle Sanctuary (Selena Fox) discussed his changing approach to this dynamic.




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