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How does everybody feel about the new chat box? I like that it is in its own pop-up, but I have to admit that I almost missed the tiny feature on the bottom of the page that links to the chat.

It has been nice to see people in the chat. I've been busy lately. It seems like there has been a lot less discussion lately, though.


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THE BONE CHEWING SMILEY IS GONE!!!! *my life is over*
where i still cant chat

come here and see me necrono

If you go to the very very bottom of a page on the goddessplace.net site (such as this page), you should see a narrow grey band. On the far right it says:

"Goddess Place | (#) Online", then has a series of images, all of which can be clicked on to mess with chat somehow. Tapping on "Goddess Place" or the first image (expand triangle) will open the chat-box up. The second image (two overlapped squares) will create a pop-up chat box. The last image can be used to advertise whether or not you want your status to be online or offline while browsing the site.
yes this is me THE ORIGINAL


from the good ole days

hi who ever is left i miss u all sooooooooooooooo much




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