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Hello everyone,

I noticed an uptick in activity, and wanted to say hello to the newbies. I've been on goddess(.com/place.ning.com) since '99, I think. We have a good community here, but are in need of some new and vocal curiosity (I think a lot of us have drifted into solitary practice).

I recently moved, got involved with three new covens, and have finally awakened a spiritual path I had put to sleep for about a decade. I love to chat, and I try to check the chatroom once a day.


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Good to see a familiar face around here. Glad to see you've found your path again. I definitely know how it feels to have your spirituality in hibernation. Mine still hasn't awakened.

Was chatting with NaturesWarrior today, reminiscing about goddess.com. Through Ali, we were friends on FB and it took 5 years of FB friendship to realize we know each other from here. Thought I'd pop in and see how the Place is doing. The people here played a huge part in opening my mind and spirit.

<3 You all!


Water! just backing up my message to you, bring anyone over once you read my message, we ae regrouping on a group Necrono created for Goddess people.




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